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Influencing the Presidencies of the European Union

'CEEweb for Biodiversity' is coaching NGOs to contribute to the work of the Hungarian EU Presidency.

CEEweb informs all the stakeholders on a monthly base about:

  • the EU’s conservation processes related to the Hungarian Presidency
  • the conservation activities of the Current Presidency Trio (Spanish-Belgian-Hungarian)
  • the achievements of Spanish and Belgian conservation NGO partners’ activities.

CEEweb realizes a workshop in the winter of 2011:

  • 27th January 2011
  • for 40 NGO representatives
  • where joint NGO recommendations on the Hungarian EU Presidency nature conservation priorities will be developed
  • where Spanish and Belgian stakeholders share their expertise and experience, and Polish partners contribute to smooth the cooperation among the Presidencies.


In the following fields joint NGO messages will be developed: 

  • Implementing the Habitats and Birds Directive, financing Natura 2000
  • No deterioration and restoration of ecosystems focusing on the restoration of ecosystem services through Green Infrastructure
  • EU 2020 Strategy: Resource Efficiency Flagship Initiative.

We are going to chanel the joint NGO messages into relevant processes under the Hungarian EU Presidency.


For more information visit the CEEweb’s homepage.



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