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Visegrad 4 Nature conservation workshop in Budapest, 2014

On the occasion of the V4 Presidency, Hungary organized for the second time a nature conservation workshop in Budapest on the 27th May of 2014. During the meeting, Deputy State Secretary Mr. András Rácz greeted the Czech, the Polish, and the Slovakian experts, and due to their involvement in the Pannonian Geographical Regions the Romanian delegates.

The agenda of the workshop was closely linked to the topics of a management seminar for several regions, planned for the autumn of 2014 by the European Commission. During the meeting the participants reviewed the habitats and species in the Pannon Biogeographical Region which in previous forums were deemed especially important in terms of nature protection management. They also discussed the linkages between the similar challenges our countries in this region face. The Pannonian Biogeographical region’s uniqueness  is not only reflected in its natural values, but also in the problems we face in nature conservation management. The distinctive characteristics in the management of steppe oak woods and hardwood forests featured heavily in the discussion.

Experts from the participating countries pointed out that the managers of these forests face common practical challenges, especially regarding indicator species of habitat deterioration and climate change.

 The parties agreed to prepare common positions regarding the issues raised by the Commission for the upcoming seminar in the autumn .   The conservation status of the large carnivores was discussed by the experts in a separate agenda item.

The meeting ended successfully and managed to maintain an informal and friendly tone for the dialogue. The experts from the Visegrad countries and Romania agreed that, adequately founded transboundary nature conservation projects would deeply improve the conservation status of habitats. To maintain and further strengthen transboundary cooperation is therefore of utmost importance.

Slovakia stated and emphasized that the forthcoming Slovakian Presidency intends to continue the tradition of nature conservation expert workshops in the future as well.

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