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NDM - Practical Information

  Informal Meeting of Nature Directors

7 -10 June,

Balatonfüred, Hungary


Meeting venue, Accommodation, Arrival to Hungary, Transportation to the hotel,

Registration, About Hungary


Meeting venue


The meeting sessions will take place in the Anna Grand Hotel**** Wine & Vital in Balatonfüred. Balatonfüred is situated on theh north shore of Lake Balaton and it is a popular resort especially during summer.

The address of the meeting venue is 8230 – H Balatonfüred, Gyógy tér 1.





For this event we propose the following hotel:

Anna Grand Hotel**** Wine & Vital (Conference venue)
8230 – Hungary
Gyógy tér 1.
BHS Reservation Phone number: (+36-87) 581-200
BHS Reservation Fax: (+36-87) 581-201
Contact persons: Mr. Dávid Végh, Ms. Györgyi Varga

Hotel rooms must be reserved by participants. Delegates can book their hotel rooms at a discount-price using the EU PRESIDENCY NDM password, until the 10th of May. Confirmation of the booking will be sent directly by the hotel to the individual.  Each guest will be responsible for settling their accommodation costs. Reservation will be guaranteed just in the case of covering the cost, so it is proposed to arrange the payment as soon as possible after the receiving the confirmation mail. Details will be contained in this email. The participants are kindly asked to book the rooms at their earliest convenience by fax or e-mail.

The four-star hotel is located 100 meters away from the famous Tagore Promenade, in the middle of the historical district of Balatonfüred.  

In the hotel you can find:

1.      Ball room – the venue of the plenary sessions and one workshop  
2.      6 conference rooms – two of them will hold the other two workshops
3.      WIFI in the public rooms and internet connection in the bedrooms
4.      Parking places – for the delegates who will arrive by car
The Conference Centre is a non-smoking venue and smoking is not allowed inside any of the buildings including bedrooms.

For guests wishing to stay in another hotel, we recommend near the conference venue:

Hotel Blaha Lujza

8230 – Hungary
Blaha Lujza u. 4.
BSH Reservation Phone number: (+36-87) 581-210, (+36-87) 581-215
BHS Reservation Fax: (+36-87) 582-219

Delegates wishing to stay for additional nights before or after the meeting should identify this requirement when returning their registration form. Hotels will help with these arrangements. Delegates will be responsible to cover all their costs associated with staying in the hotels.

1. Anna Grand Hotel
2. Hotel Blaha Lujza
3. Railway and bus station


Arrival to Hungary

Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport

Budapest Airport Zrt.
Budapest-Ferihegy, H-1185 Budapest
Call Center: (+36 1) 296-7000
Telephone: (+36-1) 296-9696

International railways schedule

Customer service – Telephone: (+36 1) 444-4499

International bus lines schedule

Eurolines – Volánbusz

Phone: (+36 1) 382-0888 
(Monday-Friday: 8.00 – 16.00)

Transportation to the hotel


Transportation from Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport to Balatonfüred

There will be a shuttle service provided to Hotel Anna Grand, Balatonfüred for those delegates who arrive at Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport on the 7th of June.

If you wish to use this service please provide us with details of your flight times (form attached). The meeting point will be at Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport Terminal 2 – in case of arrival to Terminal 1 please come to Terminal 2 by bus number 200E! Transport will also be arranged for delegates departing from Balatonfüred to Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport in the morning of Friday 10 June.

The journey between the Airport and Balatonfüred by bus is approximately 2 ½ hours.

Transportation from Liszt Ferenc Liszt International Airport to downtown Budapest (for delegates who wish to visit downtown Budapest and organise their own journey to Balatonfüred)

Express Airport Bus: Between January 1, 2011 and June 30, 2011, this bus line will be operating on the following route: Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport 2 – Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport 1 – Deák Ferenc Square – Roosevelt Square.


  •  Roosevelt Square – Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport 2: 4:00 – 23:00
  •  Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport 2 – Roosevelt Square: 7:30 – 24:00
Every 30 minutes Mon-Fri.
Every 60 minutes on Sat-Sun.
Fee: 5 EUR or its equivalent in Hungarian forints
Operated by Weekendbus Zrt.
More information:
Telephone: (+36 1) 262-6262

Shuttle service to downtown Budapest: Airport Shuttle-Minibus takes passengers to any addresses in Budapest. Tickets are available at the Airport Shuttle Information Desk.

Operating period: 24 hours a day, seven days a week
Fee: 5-10 EUR per passenger/way
Operated by Airport Shuttle Zrt.
More information:
Telephone: (+36 1) 296-8555

Centrum Bus: This bus line takes passengers to downtown Budapest on the following line: Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport 2 – Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport 1 – Madách Square (which is very close to Deák Ferenc Square). Tickets are available at the Airport Shuttle Information Desk.

Operating hours: 9:00-16:00 and 21:00-23:00 every day

Fee: 4 EUR per passenger
Operated by Airport Shuttle Zrt.
More information:
Telephone: (+36 1) 296-8555

Taxi: The official taxi company of the Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport is the Főtaxi. Passengers reporting at the Főtaxi stand will receive a voucher, which contains the fare.

More information:
Telephone: (+36 1) 222 2222

Transportation from downtown Budapest to Balatonfüred

Bus timetable:


(Népliget bus station)














Train timetable: 

Budapest (South „Déli” railway station)












The Népliget bus station and the South railway station are next to the metro stations called “Népliget” and “Déli pályaudvar”, respectively.

More information:

Budapest Public Transport:




Taxi prices are approximately between 74 – 140 EUR (20000 – 38000 HUF). 

The following taxi companies transport from Budapest to Balatonfüred:



The online registration is accomplished by the organizers on the basis of the returned registration form sent to you previously. You will receive a confirmation e-mail about your registration, if not, please contact the persons below.

The conference registration co-ordinators for these events are Ms. Éva Sashalmi ( and Ms. Flóra Pokorni ( ). The central mailbox is: .

If you have any queries about your booking or about the event itself, please contact them on the following phone numbers: (+36 1) 457-3300/232, mobile: (+36 30) 932-6372; and (+36 1) 457-3300/226.


About Hungary


Currency: Hungarian Forint (HUF)

Power supply:  Before travelling to Hungary, please bear in mind that the connection to electrical power sockets can be different from the ones in your home country. Please be prepared for 220-230 V, using two-pin plugs.

Time Zone: Central European Time Zone

ClimateContinental, with the average temperature (in Fahrenheit / Celsius):


66F / 19 °C

But actual weather is difficult to predict for the first part of June. Delegates attending the site visits are strongly advised to bring waterproof, warm clothing and stout footwear, in addition to light clothing in case of hot and dry weather. After the site visits, the dinner will be organised in “Ferenc Pincészet” – it is a cellar, so here it is also recommended to bring some warm clothes.

Important phone numbers

Country code for Hungary: +36

European Emergency number: 112

Useful links

  • The official website of the Hungarian Presidency is
  • Ministry of Rural Development:

  • Nature Conservation Department:

  • The Balaton Uplands National Park:

  • You can find more information on Hungary on:
  • You can find more information on Budapest on:

  • You can find more information on Balatonfüred on: 


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